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The Election is Over, Now What? | Allison Ricciardi

The Election is Over…Now What?

I, for one, am taking these days after the election to feel happy. It was a stunning victory for the people who are sick of the status quo in Washington. I knew in my heart when Donald Trump first came on the scene, he would go all the way. I just sensed it…but not without some trepidation at times.

Whatever you feel about Trump, you have to admit this was an amazing race. A lot was exposed about the political and moral corruption that is endemic at all levels of government and in all segments of society. All of the prayer that went into this election cycle, (and my guess is that it was unprecedented in recent history), yielded more than simply a Presidential victory, but was revelatory in a way that has never been seen before.  The curtain has been drawn and the wizard exposed. But unlike the affable Wizard of Oz, this wizard is more nefarious and more tenacious than most can even imagine.

Yes, I will celebrate this week. I’m enjoying the taste of victory, but I’m not so naïve to think anything is really over. It’s not. An important battle was won but a war rages on. The People have spoken. We’ve expressed our collective will. And God respects our free will. It’s a hopeful sign for America, especially coming at the end of this year of Mercy. God is not through with us yet. But the devil is (literally) in the details here…and more than anyone has ever fathomed. And he has never cared about our free will, has he? The coercive policies foisted upon us by one executive order after another, and the shadow operations at the Clinton Foundation and State Department makes this clear. Leaving quietly is not something we can expect him to do.

The corruption now exposed will attempt to slink back into the shadows, to hide itself from view as we revel in our victory. But it ain’t going away. No way. No how. We may have excised the obvious tumor but the cancer cells remain eating away at the center. We must keep up our prayers and vigilance. The fat lady has yet to sing. But the real Triumph is coming. Our Lady is humming quietly as she prepares for victory.

It’s all there in Genesis. Before creating order upon the formless wasteland, God began by separating the Light from the darkness. He’s doing it again before He restores order. And The Woman with her Offspring will crush the head of the serpent.

So gird your loins and steady your hearts. Take up your rosaries and prepare for battle…it’s only just begun.