Hateful is as Hateful Does

The truth of liberal tolerance is playing out in cities across America right now. Hordes of young, angry protesters are taking to the streets, breaking stuff, and burning things because – in their view – a hateful man was elected President. (Soros funded ads abound on Craig’s list seeking protesters for the generous hourly rate of $16/hour.)

The irony is simply stunning to anyone with eyes to see. Hate speech (as defined by the Left) is now the greater crime than actual violence and hateful acts against those with differing opinions. Facebook is exploding with videos of kids in school being beaten by peers because they supported Donald Trump for President. One mother put her young son out of the house for voting for Trump in a mock school vote. In these incidents their actions are all the more reprehensible in that these kids are not even of voting age. They’re not being beaten for actually doing anything like voting for Trump but simply for liking him. So the reason they are being vilified and savagely beaten is that they like someone who is a hater.

What can anyone say that isn’t absurdly obvious?  They say love is blind but clearly hatred is not only blind but also deaf and astoundingly dumb. As disturbing as their behavior clearly is, there is a certain satisfaction in witnessing it. The truth is being exposed…and they’re doing the work for us. The same American people who rejected Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s legacy in favor of Donald Trump will see through this ruse and solidify even more strongly in their support for Trump and returning America back to sanity.

To paraphrase a popular saying, hateful is as hateful does. And come to think of it, the original saying applies quite conveniently here as well…

Let’s make it our priority to pray for these young rebels, that their blinders be removed, and their passion be redirected to good. And, let’s continue to pray and fast for America. And pray also for anyone on the Trump side, to not yield to hatred and similar acts. The division is fierce in America – much of it stoked by the media and those who exploit such feelings for personal or political gain. Fears and feelings on both sides have been heightened.

Our calling, as always, is to be kind. To treat all with dignity and to make peace. Opinions don’t hurt anyone – no matter how offensive we may feel them to be. Self righteousness can – if it takes the bait the devil is always willing to provide. Remember, division is his calling card. Unity, respect, and freedom are God’s.

The election proved that if people unite in prayer, God move will move, and heal our land. But it has only just begun and prayer is needed now more than ever to mend the wounds of division and bring about true and lasting peace for all concerned.