Hillary Clinton: The Case Against Feminism

If the stakes hadn’t been so high in the presidential election, watching it play out would have actually been amusing, especially watching Hillary Clinton. The irony was amazing! She was campaigning to be the first woman president – shattering what’s left of the mythical glass ceiling. But instead she made a perfect case against women’s abilities to advance in careers and politics on their own merits.

I’m not a fan of feminism. Never was. I think it has done way more harm than good. When they cheered Virginia Slims cigarette ads, which sought to hook more women on a known carcinogen as a symbol of progress, you have to know the lunatics had seized the reigns in the asylum which is now America. The Women’s Rights Movement long ago succumbed to misogyny and most are too blinded to see it. The pill and abortion are the most egregious examples of an ideology that’s imploded on itself.

The pill is the first “medication” designed to make someone’s body deliberately malfunction. Think about that. Medications should correct conditions that are harmful to the human body. Healthy fertility is not. In fact, it’s actually, well…healthy. The World Health Organization classifies the pill as a Class One carcinogen. Class ONE! There’s a long list of other side effects including strokes and death. And yet doctors prescribe it all the time with nary a warning. Liberating women from slavery to their own healthy biology seems to eclipse all other concerns. The psychological ramifications of the pill are equally detrimental. What would have once engendered some thought about the suitability of one’s sex partner (you know, like as a decent human being, potential spouse and father) is jettisoned by the false security of this chemical restructuring. Not only is her fertility assaulted but her psyche is as well – in terms of increased depression, anxiety and, quite ironically, decreased libido among pill users.

The misogyny of abortion is even more pronounced. Once contraception fails (as it often does) abortion comes in to destroy any evidence that sex and babies actually have any connection. The insult to a woman’s actual biological reality and her psychological connection with her maternity is devastating. Her male partners, who never signed on, after all, for responsibility, find abortion a helpful tool to fix her and the situation. Her “right to choose” in too many cases translates to his “right to use” with no accountability. Quite liberating, huh?

My problems with Hillary Clinton go beyond her embrace of contraception and abortion (through nine months of pregnancy, by the way – yes, she is that extreme). My problem with Hillary is that as a woman she is a pathetic excuse for a feminist no matter where you stand on feminism. Her entire claim to fame, quite literally, is that she married well (if you consider a serial adulterer and sex offender a good spouse, of course).

Prior to marrying Bill, Hillary attempted notoriety as part of the Watergate team investigating Richard Nixon’s improprieties. But she never advanced beyond that as the Chief Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee considered her a liar and an unethical and dishonest lawyer who conspired to violate the Constitution and had no regard for the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee or the rules of confidentiality.

Marrying Bill was Hillary’s chance to get on the map. Becoming First Lady catapulted her to national fame. As First Lady she accomplished practically nothing. Her big attempt to formulate and impose nationalized health care went down in flames. Once she was out of the White House, (with the china and glassware in tow) she became Senator of New York. Not because of any accomplishment of her own, but again, because of her notoriety as Bill’s wife. As a senator, she did nothing substantive to improve the lives of New Yorkers…(but liberals rarely do so maybe we can let her slide on that one).

Her first run for President failed miserably as her own party betrayed her and slipped in a young upstart with no accomplishments of his own either. They simply liked him better. Her shining moment came with her appointment as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State she bungled nearly everything she touched, got four Americans including an ambassador killed, set the stage for ISIS to form, compromised national security by using a private server, and deleted tens of thousands of emails to avoid legal scrutiny. Her insistence that those emails contained conversations about Chelsea’s wedding plans and her yoga classes is laughable in the extreme. Once caught in criminal activity, she played the girlie card…just talking wedding plans and yoga classes, you know, the details that most of us girls busy ourselves about. Really? Gloria Steinem, call your office!

Hillary’s continual “I forgot” excuse for everything, her helpless, forgetful female act got old and really starting wearing on me and many others in America who thankfully saw through this ruse. (Apparently when formulating her political methodology, she leaned heavily not only on the likes of Saul Alinsky but on comedians like Steve Martin.)

But the cherry on this hot feminist sundae she concocted was her continual leaking of state secrets….and not even knowing how to identify classified information. (Do the words “dizzy dame” come to mind, anyone?) Like the town gossip sitting at her front window and dishing her neighbors, Hillary recklessly leaked names and whereabouts of CIA operatives in the field, which in some cases cost them their lives, not to mention posed a serious threat to our national security. During the last Presidential debate she left the Pentagon flabbergasted by revealing top secret information about the timing of a US nuclear launch to the entire world. She’s the very stereotype of a woman unable to keep a secret.

As much as I abhor the feminist movement, I do believe that women can do whatever we set our minds to. I don’t always agree that we should, but that’s another blog post. Kelly Anne Conway illustrated very well what a woman can accomplish when she focuses on the task at hand instead of cramming empty ideology down the throats of Americans. Will the feminists now be celebrating her accomplishment as the first woman to successfully run a winning Presidential campaign? I doubt it.

The latest example of the lunacy of these radical feminists is probably the most amusing one I’ve heard to date. Former Clinton campaign communications director Jess McIntosh claims that women with “internalized misogyny” couldn’t bring themselves to vote to elect the first woman president. I must say, it is a fascinating theory worthy of some thought, at least to me. After all, as a mental health professional I find such novel delusions so very interesting.

The good news we can glean from Hillary’s disastrous second run at the highest office in the land is that Hillary’s empty brand of feminism has been largely relegated to irrelevancy. As the face of radical feminism continues to wrinkle and die, the Kelly Anne Conway variety has replaced it. After all, rhetoric is one thing. Results are quite another.