Why do Women Lie to Themselves?

I’m old enough to remember the vestiges of another time, the time of Donna Reed and Father Knows Best, held in such high derision by the radical feminists. A time when men and women were different, or more accurately, admitted it. A time when women respected men but knew that some were better than others and took time to test them. In those days good men were honorable and bad men considered cads. The bad ones lied to women. The reasons were obvious…to impress her, to seduce her, to keep her after he cheated on her. Now, let me make this clear, there is never really a good reason for lying, but one has to admit at least those reasons seemed to make some sense. He wanted something or didn’t want to lose something so he lied.

But these days, in this modern, and oh so progressive era in which we live, I’m puzzled as to why women lie to themselves and other women. We claim to want respect, opportunity, and love and yet we settle for counterfeits of all three as we celebrate our liberation. Certain facts are obvious, or should be, after all. For instance, the birth control pill is named a class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization and yet women still take it in great numbers (often in order to facilitate relationships that offer them no commitment or real love in the truest sense of that word). In fact, women doctors, who should know the risks better than anyone, prescribe it to other women. Naturally (and I use that word with some irony) the premise behind the need for the pill is the foundational lie on which the prescriptive lie lies: that by being chemically liberated from our own biology, we will gain some new degree of freedom and happiness that women of the past only dreamed of. But again, the facts point to yet another lie here.

Are women happier than their ancestors? No one can know that for sure without some empirical research, but logically we have to wonder. 23% of all women in America are on some form of antidepressant medication. That’s a pretty high percentage. The right to work won by feminists in the previous century has become the obligation to work – with its concomitant stressors and pressures. The lie of sex with no consequences has benefitted men more than women (if you can count the death of conscience as a gain). As men walk away with, at best the price of an abortion and at worst, some paltry amount of child support after sometimes years of civil litigation, women bear the brunt physically and emotionally which goes on for years and even decades.

The cohabitation experiment has largely failed with serial monogamy leading to empty alleys for many and for those who do marry, higher rates of divorce than non-cohabitating couples. The biological reality of limited childbearing years exacts a greater toll on the woman in such arrangements.

Women want respect and yet our pornified culture demoralizes and dehumanizes women with a deafening silence from feminist leaders. We want opportunity but so often that requires compromises and acquiescence to a tacit misogyny that robs women of their inherent dignity. We want love but settle for sexual slavery and chemical sterilization, all with no commitment or real advantages.

So, if men lied to women to gain something or not lose something, why are women lying to themselves when the lies gain them nothing and they lose so much? It’s certainly something to think about…