The Blame Duck President


Pride is a curious thing. Its damage can be far reaching yet, despite its utterly destructive force, it can also be quite an amusement to witness. Case in point is Barack Obama and the Democrat party. Losing over 900 state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats, the Democrat response is so tone deaf that it leaves one in awe. Some of the excuses they’ve cited for losing the Presidential election have been laugh out loud funny: the media was in the tank for Trump; the Russians did it; and my personal favorite: they just didn’t get their message out in a way the American people understood. It wasn’t the record high unemployment for the last eight years. It wasn’t four dead Americans in Benghazi. It wasn’t the unsecured email server. It wasn’t the endemic corruption. It wasn’t the IRS scandal. It wasn’t destabilizing the Middle East and facilitating the rise of ISIS. It wasn’t amassing more national debt than every previous president combined. It wasn’t the disaster known as Obamacare. No. We silly Americans were just too obtuse to understand his special brand of wonderful. If only his mom were still around to explain it to us. (Heck, that almost worked for Jeb Bush.) To say that if he had run again he would have been re-elected may be ridiculous, but is not nearly as outrageously absurd as Obama’s actual belief that he would have. I, for one, am happy that he sees it that way. Like Pharaoh’s obstinacy after plague upon plague was visited upon Egypt, let them all continue in their delusions as God delivers His people. Keep believing it, Barack. Of course, you’re right. When, after all, have you ever been wrong?

Obama is the quintessential “sticker child.” Never having accomplished anything truly praiseworthy, he seems to have gotten a sticker for every little thing he’s ever done. You went to the potty? Here’s a sticker! You finished your ring ding? Here’s a sticker! You glued together the lamp you broke so Mommy wouldn’t find out? Here’s a sticker! Receiving a Nobel Peace prize for literally nothing, was the ultimate sticker for this spoiled adolescent enabling him to leave a trail of destruction the likes of which our nation has never seen before. Now with his little tushy firmly kicked he’s shocked and dismayed that his ideas and actions have been repudiated and rejected. His petulant little tantrums scatter blame everywhere except where it belongs…on him and the superiors that formed him.

It’s truly astounding to watch Barack Obama as he prepares to leave office. Like an angry, spoiled little boy, incensed that the entire world no longer bows to his magnificence, his actions are like the kid who doesn’t make the team so he burns down the club house. And instead of being prosecuted, liberals rush in to blame the coach and change the rules so that everyone can play – qualified or not. Excellence has no place, after all, in the liberal world. Unable to make those average or below better, they punish those who do excel to even out the playing field.

Obama’s latest moves against Israel and Russia will not be judged kindly by history. As he breaks the windows and stuffs up the plumbing on his way out of the White House, Putin’s announcement that he will not deport American dignitaries but will await the actions and response of the new Trump administration is probably the most wounding shot Obama can sustain. Rail as they may, Obama and his liberal cronies in the Democrat party have become simply and utterly irrelevant. But as that reality begins to dawn on him, the damage he can do in these last weeks in power is frightening. These are dangerous days. After all, hell hath no fury like an empty suit scorned…