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Meet Allison Ricciardi | Allison Ricciardi

After almost 27 years as a therapist, I’ve felt more and more called to share what I’ve learned and observed over the years by writing. I’ve only recently realized the blog post is my medium…who knew? A bit daunted by the idea of writing a book – but always chomping at the bit to speak up about things I see that need fixing as well as people who deserve healing – blogging has been an ideal channel for me…short, sweet and to the point.

I currently run a mental health counseling practice , The Raphael Remedy, on Long Island, New York which provides counseling and life coaching from a faithful Catholic perspective. I am blessed and proud to have some dedicated and caring therapists and coaches that work with me. We see therapy clients on Long Island plus offer coaching in-person or by phone across the United States as well as to clients “across the pond”.

allison-ricciardiIn 2001 I founded Catholic Therapists.com, a direct referral network to qualified and solidly Catholic therapists who follow the teachings of the Church and bring prayer and spiritual truth into the therapeutic process. (The Catholic Church offers a wealth of wisdom when it comes to the human person!) I am constantly impressed with the amazing clinicians in our network. They are truly a gift to the Church.

Lately as the world seems to spin more and more out of control, I’ve felt the need to weigh in on matters beyond therapy and faith – like politics and culture. It’s actually not new to me. I hit the scene in my 20s as a pro-life activist after seeing the reality of abortion, not only from the unborn child’s perspective, but from the devastated perspective of the women who experienced them. I just could not remain silent. I went to schools and colleges giving presentations and did many television and radio interviews on the topic. I also organized my fair share of rallies and fundraisers for crisis pregnancy centers.

As I saw more and more post-abortive women in therapy, my calling changed a bit. It became clear to me that abortion wasn’t the problem, but a most tragic symptom of deeper problems in society as well as within the individual that left them vulnerable to such situations and decisions. My focus shifted more to addressing these underlying emotional wounds and I am now circling back to the cultural issues that undergird the mess in which society finds itself.

What I’ve learned over the years in the privileged position of therapist changed the way I see life and bolstered and honed my faith. It also now impels me to expand my reach and address some of those cultural and political issues that, in my view, are really all connected.

The basic principles that guide me are these:

  • Every human life has value.
  • God loves us and has a plan for each of our lives…and it’s a good one.
  • Jesus can heal anyone and anything…but in His way and in His time. We need to pray, be patient and persevere.
  • Original sin explains pretty much everything.
  • When it comes to national and world affairs, it’s always about people, emotions and egos… the very same things that come to play in therapy.


In addition to blogging here and on my other two websites, I’m also a regular blogging contributor and a frequent online radio show guest on the following:

I welcome invitations be your guest on your blog, podcast, radio or television show. We can tackle current events that are important to you and your audience or choose one from one of the many topics on my media sheet. I’m flexible.

I welcome comments and discussion both pro and con. That’s what makes life interesting so feel free to weigh in.

On a more personal level, I’m a happily married stepmother of two wonderful human beings and godmother of five amazing young adults. (I just have to keep reminding myself I’m not one of them…I still feel like a kid!)